Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We were riding along yesterday and Muffy said it was Utopia. She was correct for sure. We counted 7 small less travelled roads that all go the same direction.
The most difficult thing is staying on course. Muffy tried a new method, she wrote on her leg the name of the next town on her leg. That is her studying the map so we wouldn't have to stop at each intersection. When we decided to eat lunch a picnic table seems to arrive out of nowhere.
This morning we are going to Grotte de Peche Merle. It is a long way so we are getting an early start. When we went to our bakery (it opens at 6am) we found out it has twice as much food for all the workers in town. Instead of two types of quiche it had 5 types, it had more sweet types of croissants then we thought possible. In the top photo you can see St Cere from the local castle. It is a small town, not really a tourist destination at all. We all wonder why as it has some of the best riding we have ever seen.
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