Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On Sunday I rode my 25th or so Sunnyside Century. There were around 40 of us enjoying the warm (for Bend) morning, a couple of showers and an almost hot afternoon. The Sunnyside Century started in 1972 and has been going ever since. It is the oldest Century in Oregon and it is a ride we are happy to put on. In it's heyday well over 100 riders would show up. It was the the big ride of the year for many. This was before The Oregon Bike Ride, Cycle Oregon, The Tour Des Chutes and all the other organized rides that we now have. It was also the end of the season for many cyclists. We would put away our cleats and start thinking about snow and skiing.
Things have changed since then (at least for me). It is now the beginning of my favorite cycling season which is fall. Cyclo cross is just starting, and it will last well into December for most of us as Nationals will be the big event of the year. It is also prime mountain bike season. There will be some moisture from the Fall rains and the dew that forms with the cooler mornings. Instead of the end of the season it is the beginning.
It is a good change for me. I am not good a waiting, I am good at doing. Waiting and worrying about snow is one of the biggest wastes of energy I have done. Now I just go out and enjoy the best time of year, the fall. Last year I had some friends from Wisconsin visiting for a early season ski holiday. We turned it into a mountain bike holiday as there was no snow. They had a blast and now want to come back for some more mountain biking.
I am also headed to France in a couple days for a fall road bike holiday. We won't have perfect weather this time of year but we will have the pick of the cafes, bakeries and roads. I will be blogging about this trip the next two weeks so stay in tune for our France adventures.

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Barbara said...

Wow! Where does one get socks as cool as the ones worn by the Shep look-alike on the right side of the image?