Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday we went to dinner for Cassoulet at L'Entre-Pots. This is a nice cafe on a side street in St Cere. The owner is quite funny and accomodating. We went there a couple of days ago but we ate outside and I did not go in to see all the photos. Some of the people in our group had been in and knew he had something to do with the ONCE team of the 90's.
Well he had plenty to do with that team. Philippe Lauriot was the National Professional Champion of France in 1990. He rode in and finished the Tour de France 6 times, he won stages in Paris-Nice and won the 4 days of Dunkerque. He now runs a cafe and is in to Harley Davidson motorcycles. We asked him if he still rode and he explained he worked too much and rode 100,000 Kilometers as a pro and 75,000 kilometers as an amateur. You can check him out on Wikpedia if you like - Philippe Louviot . I must say he was quite modest but very proud of his career. And the Cassoulet was the best we have had. We had to order it two days in advance so they could cook the beans and have everything ready. On to more adventures today.

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