Monday, October 8, 2007


It was the first Cross Crusade cyclo cross race yesterday. There were 1078 riders. It was huge. There were lots of Bend people there and again the Sunnyside team showed a big presence. The main thing about cyclo cross is how hard it is and how fun it is.
My day starts at 3:45 AM. I get up make juice get my food ready load the bikes etc pick up my passengers (yesterday it was Chris Corno from the store) and try to be on the road before 5:00 AM. At six I have a simple breakfast of two hard boiled eggs (I like protein). This usually happens around Warm Springs. I can tell if I am making good time when the auto two hour notice shows up on the cars computer. If I past the Mt Hood information center then we are doing well.
I usually get to the venue around 8:00am. This gives me one hour to check the course and warm up on my trainer. I like to do three three minute efforts building up on each one. This takes 15 minutes and I need to be at the start around 8:50. Not much time. I like it that way so I can concentrate and race. When I am done with my race (yesterday I think I was 6th) I wash up drink a recovery drink, eat some yogurt and then relax. I wait for my teammates to show up, make sure they have everything they need. I try to watch every race, I take some photos and shout myself hoarse.
Every week I come home thinking I may be getting a cold.
Between races I visit with friends and tell war stories.
That is how the next 7 Sundays will go for me. I have posted a couple of photos of the race. If you are a bike racer you need to do a Cross Crusade Cross race.

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