Monday, October 15, 2007


Yesterday was the second Cross Crusade race this year. Brad and company have been getting record turnouts. They deserve the credit for this. There are other states, bigger than Oregon.
These races are hard, lots of competition, and fun. I drive three hours one way every week to attend. Next week it will be 4 hours. I will not make to the 5 hour one as we all have limits.
Yesterday was remarkable in many ways but the two that got to me was how many women raced. I have posted a photo, the other is once again I find my self watching Adam Craig winning, smiling and showing off his Single Speed Worlds Tattoo.
I was talking to Eric Tonkin, long time Portland Cross racer, about the competition. I thought it was getting better every year. He is one of the best and has a different perspective, and then I reminded him of Adam being National Mountain bike Champ, and Ryan Trebon, if he wasn't in Europe could also be here.
I think last year 5 of the top Americans in UCI points raced in Portland while the UCI race in the Midwest had to go on without them.
Cross is where it is at in Oregon. This is not just for the winners. The reason we have so many is the venues and the fun that the promoters of the Cross Crusade provide.

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