Monday, October 22, 2007

One day later

Well we made to the Cross Crusade Race in Rainer all right. Chris slept in (smart man) but Emily and I left at 4:00 am and arrive at 7:40. 2o extra minutes for me. The course made the drive worthwhile. It was 2 miles long, with long climb, a long descent and some tricky corners. How good is that. I first couple of laps I was tentative on my attacking and I made one mistake on a tricky corner. After that I got going again and really pushed myself to the limit. I ended up a strong 3rd catching 2ND with first and Steve Yenne no where in sight. There were no barricades (rumor has it were worn out). I could ride all the steep stuff so I could rest my arm let it heal a little more. I love the muddy corners were you can do a controlled drift.

I drove over with the charming Emily and we discussed everything from astrology to cyclo cross worlds.

I will miss the race in Astoria next week. Just too far (as if Rainer wasn't). I had another bonus this weekend: last summer at Pickett's Charge mountain bike race I ended up 4Th. I good result considering how strong everyone is in our group, but I was bummed because Robin and Julie had come up with the most awesome medals, and I didn't go fast enough to get one. I learned later that summer that the winner of our category (50 to death) was only 49. So I ended up with one of those beautiful medals after all. I will hang it in my bike shrine. I have posted a photo of the medal and of some action on the Rainer race course.

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