Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 Cross Nationals what a 4 days

Well the event we have been waiting for is now over. I remember going to a get together for Tom Vinson (USA cycling event coordinator) about a year ago and now we will wait another year for a repeat. I can't say this years race was what I was expecting, but it was a fantastic experience. From checking out the course with Chad and Renee (the snowy photo), to having Mary and Mike warm up in our tent and us getting to be in the Pit for them, to all of the Sunnyside Team mates hanging around, lending a hand, taking photos, racing, it was just a fantastic experience. I think everyone on the team had good performances and, if they are like me they want to improve. What we can't improve on was Team Spirit, we have that dialed. There was not one other team out there that had the support that we had. I would rather have all that than a medal, though both would not be a bad thing.
Tomorrow is a day to test the back skiing and get off the bike for awhile. I am already looking forward to next years season though. Thanks to everyone for making the last four days so memorable.


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