Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was overwhelmed
at the start of my race today. I had messages from friends as far away as Scotland and I would swear half of the crowd was cheering for me. I literally had tears in my eyes at the start line. That was a new experience. One is supposed to be full of adrenaline not tears. My start was OK I was in reach of spot number 5 and I was feeling like I could really handle the snow. Then bam down I went after hitting a rut of solid ice. Whoa I said take it easy. I was holding my own and really starting to reel a couple of riders in (in fact I had just passed my friend Ron) and I was feeling very solid on the corners. My back was holding out and my legs were ok. I was really accelerating out of the corners, trying to be like Ryan Trebon. I had two more in sight and the next one was just around the corner when boom again. I had take a different line down this drop to get by the next rider and I hit another solid ice rut. This time I bent my rear mech (for my brit friends), I got my pit bike but I had lost my momentum. I finished strong but I just didn't have to catch those guys again.
Starting this race was a victory for me. I didn't see the results, but with some luck I may have cracked the top 10. No, riding a trainer will not get you a national championship if that is all you do, but it will allow you to start a race in your hometown in front of a huge crowd and be competitive. This race was one of the best things I have ever done. I didn't take my doctor's advice nor my PT's advice. I knew there was a risk, there is always risk in racing one's bike on solid ice. I will say for who I am and what I do it was way worth it.
Thank you for all your encouragement. I heard every one of you if you were out there cheering, and I thought of my friends in Scotland.
Bike season is over for me for the year. I am already looking forward to next year though.
PS Thanks to Rich Wolf and Linda Topping for the photos.


Jan said...

You are our hero! Jan and Peter

marazhelutka said...

Congratulations Don! You're amazing.