Friday, December 18, 2009

Interview on Cyclocross

Interview with me on CX Magazine. This interview was done a few days before my race last week. I was quite honored that Jason picked me for this piece along with being interviewed by Heather for the official guide for Cyclo Cross Nationals. I liked the format with the slide show of me doing what I do and a few slides of me racing. The interview took almost two hours but he had to make it a piece that would not just appeal to my Mom and Kathy. I was intrigued by the content. Of all the the questions I answered these were the ones that he thought most interesting.
Mainly, as I said I feel honored that feelings and thought that I have are appealing to others. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed being the centerpiece. I have to admit my ego is well chuffed about being recognized.
Next year I have more goals, one is not to be injured. Two is to get a medal and three is to race two national championships, Canadian (I should be a Canadian citizen by then) and our in town.

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