Sunday, April 12, 2009


I don't talk a lot about work in my blog. This is not supposed to be an advertisement about Sunnyside Sports, but more a way I can share with the world my thoughts. 
The Economy is in the tank, Bend is has been hit hard with layoffs, stores closing, real estate failing etc. We have customers in all of those businesses. We have also managed to survive quite well. I am sure that if I did not read a paper or hear about the recession every day I would think that business is going pretty normal. Our business is weather related, it is seasonal and unpredictable. We have also done this business for over thirty years. We have picked two main areas to sell, bicycles and nordic skis. This keeps Sunnyside less seasonal than most sports stores.
Yesterday we were short a couple of people. It was the day before Easter and it was our day to go out and work on trails. It was also the day that our customers decided to buy some bikes. This was not a day of recession-- it felt like mid summer. It was special, not because of how much we sold but of how we sold it. I am into team spirit, and team building and that is what we had yesterday. Everyone doing what they could to help the other person. There were a few tense moments, but that actually enhanced  how well we worked together. Thank you to all the customers who came in and enjoyed the Sunnyside treatment and thank you to Russ, Damian, Eric, and Susan for making yesterday an amazing Saturday. High fives were had all around afterwords. It was a team after all. 

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