Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Our team went mountain bike racing last weekend. It is my favorite race of the year. It is hard, long and fun. I am in a new age group this year and really felt it was my race to win. They have medals for second and third but they have cool plaques for the winner. I have always done well at this race and I feel extra strong right now. 
I am not going to give you a blow by blow other than to say I had a tough start. I do not run well and we had to run in the snow, then, as I was passing some slower riders (faster runners) my front wheel hit a mystery object and I broke two spokes. I got my bike going again and moved into the lead feeling pretty good. I then crashed on a side hill and back to second, where I ended up. This was a tough race and I loved it. 
Some people didn't feel the same the way I did. There was a lot of complaining about too much snow, and no warning that there was snow. I appreciate that not everyone likes the same thing and that conditions should be advertised before hand. That being said, Bear Trap Springs is my type of race, lots of single track, fun downhills and a killer climb at the end. 
Snow is not a concern for me, though I can see why it would be if you didn't live where it snows. I ride to work 12 months a year. That means a lot of snow. I like the snow, it makes for a challenge and my neighbors pretty much think I am nuts. If you look at the photo of my back yard, that is not a winter photo, that is today - April 28, 2009. I will go for a mountain bike ride later today on the trails which will have more snow. I will slip and slide and laugh and cry. I will see no one else on the trails because they are all waiting for warm weather and dry trails. I don't have time to wait, I am 59 years old thinking that I may only have 1000 mountain bike rides left in my life. So I won't wait I will go out and enjoy. 
The other two photos are a couple of my teammates. Jim is getting his third place medal in his category. He was cramping the  last part of the race but gritted his teeth and stayed ahead of 4th. Veronica was just finishing. She races expert women. They went the same distance as the pro men. That would have been really tough. I asked her to show to the camera how much fun she had. the smile was more for being done than for how much fun she had.
Our team did well, for me that means we were challenged and had a great time. 
I will try to have no mishaps next week, and start faster. The next race is called the mudslinger, and I have a feeling there will be mud. No complaints from me, I will just go out and have as much fun as possible.

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