Thursday, April 30, 2009


Another boring blog about enjoying the outdoors? Well maybe- Last week we went to mountain bike race up by Mt  Hood. It was long, hard and had lots of snow, it was also really fun. Some emails were exchanged on our cycling chat list, some liking the race others feeling they were mislead by the promoters about how much snow there was on the course.
I made the mistake of getting involved. I used the word whiner and roadie. This offended a few people. I thought I was joking but I ended up apologizing.
That being said yesterday may be why I liked the course. I had a few chores in the morning and had to be at work at 2 so out I headed for a ride around 11:00. It was snowing when I left, it snowed and hailed while I was out and it really couldn't have been better.
I was asked how is it that  we have snow here so late?  Snow is what makes Bend special. We live in the mountains and snow is the gift we are given to show how special Bend really is. 
I love a hot day in the summer without a cloud in the sky, I love a two week holiday to Spain in March to see what shorts feel like again, but I love a long mountain bike ride on our trails with some snow to show I was the first one out. 
This week we are going over to the Mudslinger (and I am pretty sure we will slinging some mud). I love mud in cyclo cross, but in mountain biking it is different.  I can't afford to fall so I am very cautious. I will try to get over that and try to win. It is the  state championships after all, but no matter how I do I will have fun, I will be challenged, and I am sure to be tired. This will be  a 3 hour race. 
Make sure you get out the next time so when I take a photo it is your tyre tracks I am looking at.

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