Thursday, April 23, 2009


 I got an email from my brother's wife Cathy the other day. It suggested that me and my brothers may be Canadian citizens. I have always felt an affinity to Canada as that is where most of my Mom's relatives live, it is where I started school, and it is a place that I have had memorable vacations. None of these things make me a citizen though. Quite a few years back I thought seriously about the possibility of becoming a Canadian (the Viet Nam years) but I never needed to so I let the whole thing rest. 
Back to today. A new law took effect on April 17, 2009 . The law was passed to take care of a few injustices about Canadians having to refute their Canadian citizenry when they became citizens of another country (like the US). A lot of them were war brides. This is what my mom was. She was a Canadian when I was born and therefore so am I under this law. I haven't proven to the Canadian government that I am a Citizen but according to what I can figure out I am an official Canadian citizen.
It may seem weird to you but I actually feel different knowing this. I have already read two books about Canada so I can catch up on my history etc. I have been with relatives all my life speaking with a Canadian accent but I think mine will stay as it is. I will get a flag though, maybe a sticker for my bike. 
I am not going to give up being a citizen of the United States. I was born here and that is who I am, it is just nice to be able to claim another part of who I am and have it recognized. 
I am now going to learn the words to O Canada and figure out the rules to hockey.


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I can help you with the hockey.

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