Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Sun and the warmth arrived on Monday. It was OK on the weekend but on my long bike on Sunday the arm and knee warmers never came off. Going up Horse Ridge I thought about it but it never quite reached that point. It did on Monday. I was lucky enough to have that day off and though I usually rest on Monday I didn't need to this Monday. I had a slight cold all last week and rested all last week. I left home and it was in the low 60s and I had arm warmers on, but in a few minutes the temperature had climbed to the 70s and it was short sleeves and shorts. It was warmer on Monday than any of the days in Mallorca. It felt great. It was fun seeing everyone at work yesterday. They were all showing off their tan lines. We have all been riding for years and every year we get tan lines, why is that first tan line so important? 
I think it is about the promise of all the nice long warm bike rides we are going to have. After a winter of bundling up with multiple  layers, winter shoes long gloves with liners, we are just ready for the sun. I know I was. I rode to work on Saturday and when I got there I announced to no one in particular " I am tired of all this cold", and everyone in the store agreed.
The warmth is gone and the cool weather has returned. That's OK though. We have our tan lines to remind us that  it will be warm again. It doesn't take much to reinvigorate a cyclist, just a day or two of warm sunny weather. 
Enjoy the Spring,

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