Friday, April 17, 2009

Do Re Mi

I would say most of us have  thoughts, feelings and dreams that others are unaware of. It is not so much that we have hidden secrets but that we don't have an opportunity to express them to everyone. Most people know me via Sunnyside Sports or maybe bike racing. At work I am a busy person, we always have lots to do and there is not enough time to socialize. The same is true at a bike race. I like to race and I like to be ready. I have a race face that I use before a race. I want to concentrate on the race and be ready. The person I am inside is not the person you always see, I think that is true for most of us.
This blog is way to share those feelings with others. Below is a youtube clip. When I saw it I cried (ok I cry a lot, when we elected a new president, lots of movies, when I see friends after a long time etc). My favorite musical, war movie, cycling movie, and nordic ski movie is also my favorite movie-The Sound of Music. The bike in this movie and after the Von Trapp family moved to the United States they opened up one the largest Nordic Ski areas in the Northeast ( Trapp Family Lodge). Then Kathy showed me this video. This is a new thing, unannounced performances in public places. It is great to see the faces of all the people watching. 

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