Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I don't post very many videos on my blog, I think that is more of a Twitter thing. Jake and I at the store like to joke about our riding skills (his are actually quite amazing). We have the Rock of Death at Sand Canyon that we ride over, we have the Double of Death near Phil's Trail head (it is less than a foot tall) and now we have the Skinny of Death on the new super fun one way section on COD. A Skinny is an elevated log or board that is around 8 inches or less wide. This one sits about a foot off the ground so if you come off it nothing happens. I haven't made it yet but I am close.
This guy in the video is for real. My friend Andy, who lives in Scotland knows him and sent me this video. Today it was on the front page of The Scotsman, Scotland's largest newspaper. Check it out. Young dude out having fun. 

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Fox PDX said...

I rode COD yesterday and got to ride the skinny of death. It's no fence of death to be sure, but that's a fun little section of trail I hadn't ridden in a while.