Monday, April 13, 2009


I am sure we all have a few secret things we do that we enjoy. One of mine is vacuuming. Every Monday, whether we need it or not (we always need it) I vacuum our house and then I go next door and vacuum my Mom's place. The photo is of me vacuuming at my Mom's. We have a great vacuum cleaner, a Dyson Animal. It has an extra attachment for vacuuming up animal hair. We have three kitties so we get about one kitties worth of fur every week. The first time I used the Dyson I looked at our rugs and noticed how vibrant the colors were. It is quite fulfilling to vacuum and see the results. I like vacuuming our house, my Mom's place, the car, I have even been know to vacuum the front deck. I am not allowed to use the Dyson though. One of my pet peeves are those blower things. I can't figure out why one would want to blow all those leaves, dirt and dust to somewhere else. Vacuuming is the opposite. It sucks all that stuff up and then you can put it in the dust bin. 
Kind of odd to like to vacuum, but it comes in handy because my Mom and Kathy think I rock.


Serena said...

I think I might have to get a Dyson of my own.... our vacuum sucks, and not in a good way!
And Don, you always rock, even when you aren't vacuuming!

kalli said...

You are a funny little man... and it's part of your charm :)


Li'l Ned said...

and he washes dishes!

Fox PDX said...

That's a nice vacuum...I really am jealous, even though I don't enjoy vacuuming. I do enjoy a good lawn mow or rake though.

Celia said...

Maybe you could come vacuum my house when you get back from Scotland. Ben would appreciate it since I apparently don't even know where the "on" switch is on ours. :-)