Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Forty years ago my life changed for ever. I was eighteen years old and had no path. I was going to College at Humboltd State College with no real purpose other than to stay out of Viet Nam and try to become an adult.

I had joined the Boot and Blister hiking club and that was my main social activity. We went on hikes on almost every weekend. I learned about campfires, Swiss Miss, instant oatmeal, hot liquid jello and tinny tasting tea. Though this was the 60’s I didn’t learn about drugs, alcohol or even sex.

Humblolt was an innocent place to be in 1968. Yes we protested the war, but we didn’t riot. Yes we loved spring but instead of free love we learned how to folk dance. I wasn’t much of a student but I was a great learner. I learned how to live on my own, cook for my self, be a trustworthy friend, but I was alone.

My friend Marsha (who now is Mara) told me of her roommate Kathy who was retuning to Humbolt that spring. I had seen some photos of her and I was anxious to meet her. It happened in Wildlife 206. This was the room where we had our B and B meeting. I was in the front and Marsha and Kathy came in the back. I was smitten. It was 40 years ago today. Love at first site is not just a fairy tale, it is my story. I still feel the same way every time Kathy comes into view. The same feeling the same memory.

I don’t really know where all those years have disappeared to. I do know I have spent them with the person I was meant to. I guess I can hope for 40 more.

Take care.



The Lady with a Cuppa said...

happiest of anniversaries. congratulations to you both for finding your best friend and staying best friends.

rhoda said...

Forty years, that really deserves a huge big whopping CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Cheers and all the best to both of you Love from Rhoda xx