Friday, March 6, 2009


Everyone in our group took diverse directions. Yesterday was a day of changing weather and some pretty strong winds. In Palma, about 45 miles from here a cruise ship was blown off it's mooring and the gang plank (maybe only pirate ships have gang planks) fell into the water with some passengers on it. This storm had all of Europe in a turmoil. 
For us it meant the last 5 kilometers of the ride were pretty much scary. The wind tried to blow us backwards and off our bikes. 
Last night the wind blew like crazy and most everyone was hesitant to go out and get blown around again. So it was a tourist day. Paul, Linda, Patsy and Gary went off to Palma. That was a good plan as the rest of the time here is predicted to be sunny and warm. Mary told me she would be a tourist today and Barb hung out with Lew. She went out on her bike in the afternoon after the wind subsided.
Me, well I have bicycle disease. That means I ride no matter what. Bike holiday means bike riding. Today turned out to be a great day though. No rain, we were protected from the wind by both the mountains and the tall bodies of Kevin and Neal (lads from England and Scotland). We rode up to Orient down to Bunyola (stop for lunch), and then back to the hotel. We did over 100k today. Tailwind on the way home. How good is that. How kind of these lads to let me hang with them. I feel very special.
I have been here seven times now. I have ridden most of the roads that exist on this side of the Island. Today we found another road that makes our riding more fun. This is not a new road. We looked for it the first year I came over and did not find it. It bypasses three town on a busy road. It is one lane wide with pretty good pavement. Kind of cool to find something new after being here for so many years.
In the photos you can see what our life is like, Paul and Linda having breakfast, pretty typical Mallorcan hotel breakfast food. They are actually English breakfasts. Toast, cereal, bacon, sausage, eggs etc. 
In the next photo is your American custom of food photos. That is a plate of paella we had last night. Some of us went out to check the local restaurants. This is my favorite. Ca'n Ferra. The family has had this restaurant for many generations. When I went in the owner recognized and had a big smile for me. This is a very typical Mallorcan cafe. The locals all come in to have a drink and talk. That is the photo with Leila and Elaine in the foreground. 
And lastly it was two peoples birthday this week. Rhoda and Ben (both Scots). We had a pre dinner party in their room. Cake, cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and good company. 
Now with the weather predicted to be perfect the rest of the holiday we will all get back to serious riding.
Take care.

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Patrick said...

Hi Don, Patrick from the team here, good to see you're having a great time - good weather or bad. I'm green with envy reading your blog and seeing the pictures, maybe next year I can go too?