Sunday, March 22, 2009


The lower photo is from Shevlin Park in Bend a few hours ago. I went for as long a mountain bike ride I could find considering all the snow. It was a fun ride, I managed about three hours of dirt time.  As I was sitting on the trail having a snack of hot cider and a stinger bar I was thinking of the last two Sundays. One was in Mallorca and the other in Scotland, both included bike rides. Not unusual for me. Unlike some people I wasn't wishing I was back on holiday as I was having a great time on my mountain bike riding in a spring snow shower. The ground was firm because it was around freezing, there was no mud today, and I got quite high above Shevlin Park. It was quiet and peaceful. I rode alone, which I don't mind and when I got home there was some lunch and a fire. Both were very welcome. I won't say I didn't miss the warmth from two Sundays ago (Mallorca) or the tea and cakes from the ride one week ago (We went to Dawyck Gardens were there was  great little cafe). But to being able to do a three hour mountain bike  ride from my door is hard to beat. The thing I miss most though are my friends. I miss my friends here when I am there and I miss my friends there when I am here. I guess that is what you would call good friends. I seem to have lots of them. 
The next months of mountain biking is quite fun in Bend as the trails all open up with the melting snow. It is fun to explore, ask at the store how far up have people been, and share with them where I have been. 
Wherever you are get out and enjoy what you have.
Take care.

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