Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This was my third time taking a group to Mallorca, it was also the best. The other two times I was asked by a Colorado Club to take a group across. I didn't know the group, nor did I know what their trips were like. They went OK but I wanted them to be better. 
This year I decided to take a group of people I know. They were all customers of Sunnyside Sports and I would say friends. If you go into the store you of course know Barb, a huge bundle of energy. Lew, her husband also works at Sunnyside. He broke his leg two weeks before the trip but decided to come anyway. I think it was a good decision. He is having fun visiting with friends but he he ready to ride for sure. Lew is the head planner for our France trip this fall. 
Gary and Patsy are the other couple sitting with Lew and Barb in the lower right hand photo. They started doing OBR and Bike Idahos years ago. Patsy is one of the Chandlerettes. They are the perfect people to go on holiday with. Everything is an adventure and fun. Nothing really bothers them and they enjoy all the new sensations in being in a new country. They take the hills as a challenge and are not afraid to be on their own.
Linda and Paul are also long time Sunnyside customers and friends. They were both in my masters ski class a few years back. They had not been to Europe before but thought this would be an easy way for a first trip. They like to be on their own so they can stop and take photos, enjoy the scenery and ride at their own pace. They found the best restaurant they had ever been to last night. 
Leila is a good friend of Barb's. She is a professional tour guide. Makes one nervous trying to run a trip with a professional  on it.  But Leila is as easy as the rest. She can be by herself or ride in a group. She is not afraid of being in a new place because that is what she is used to.
Mary is the last member of our group. She is here because she was going to take Lew's place when he broke his leg. When Lew decided to come she decide to come anyway. I have ridden hundreds of miles with Mary. I have know her longer than anyone else in this group in fact. She is a joy to be around. Everything new is a wonder to her. When you get to see Mallorca in her eyes it is like seeing it for the first time.
So this is the type of person that comes to Mallorca. I couldn't be more blessed.

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