Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you have been to Sunnyside Sports and been to the expresso machine you have seen the poster of Sa Calobra. This is the most amazing road I have ridden. The problem is the road from where we are staying is closed. To get there from our village would be a 130 mile ride with over 10,000 feet of climbing. That is too much for me in March. We had two days of riding left so we decided to cheat and do it at night when the crews wouldn't be working, WRONG. They seem to work all night. Next option, rent a car and cut off the flat prelude. We (Paul and I) parked at the bottom of the Soller Climb in Bunyola. Paul is Manchesterite living in the Borders of Scotland. These photos of from our ride. The top one is the Piug Major from Soller Climb, the next one is Paul and I at the bottom of the Sa Calobra, the last one is of the town of Soller from the climb to Puig Major. The ride was only 100 K, but it still had 10,000 feet of climbing. Now only one day left and it is off to Scotland for a few days. 

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stevo said...

Nice one Don! Glad that you made it up and down Sa Calobra- I was a little sad to leave the island having not made it- next time! Cheers for an ace time and look forward to see you again soon in Mallorca or maybe Bend. Enjoy Scotland!

Later on,