Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We had a wet day yesterday and my shoes were soaking wet. It wasn't a cold rain (just wet). I washed everything and I have spares so it wasn't important for everything to dry, except my shoes. I tried paper and it just wasn't happening. So I use cloths pins and attached them to the ceiling fan. They were dry in an hour. I was careful to balance them. More good food and Sunshine today. Proof is in the photo. Don Corleone is the name of the cafe were I like to get my cafe con leche. I have one of these cups at home so I can remember Mallorca. Kathy has it out so she can remember me. This is a photo of the real thing at the real cafe. Made me feel at home and made me glad to be here.  Then we have Ione on her Skut. Now Sunnyside is proud of families that buy there bikes at our store. Most of those families live in Bend, I have one that lives in Arizona, this family (three Sunnyside Bikes and a Bob baby jogger) lives in Selkirk, Scotland. They are Ali, Pete, Ione and Eifa. I gave Ione her Skuut. She was about 18 months old at the time (not old enough). Now she is almost three and the Skuut is a hit. She told me it was a very fast bike. With her on it it is. No fear going down the ramp in the hotel lobby. Even in the couple of days she has been on it she is getting better. Sorry about the out of fucus photo I will try to get a better one soon. 
It is quite windy right now but we hope that calms down for tomorrow so we can go to Petra for a famous lunch. All of are hoping to meet there around noon or so. I hope it works out. Thanks for reading and take care.

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