Saturday, March 7, 2009


Nothing like a little trip to the ice cream store for Ione and Eifa. Ione was very proud of her chocolate mouth. I, of course couldn't help but to take a photo. Her mom is on the bike, with short sleeves and bare legs. It was finally warm enough to take of the protective layers. Of course there will be a few of us with a British Tan this morning. The first long day in the sun means sunburn for some. 
The first year I came to Mallorca I didn't call home for almost three week. Kathy was in San Diego for a workshop and her cell phone was not working. Three years ago we discovered Skype. We were able to talk via the internet at no charge. The hotel didn't have wifi so I found a place in the plaza that had a signal (someone's vacation home I think). 
This year the hotel has free wifi and we have video. Not only do I get to talk to my sweetheart but I get to see her lovely face. How good is that. Somehow that is very comforting. I don't get Skype. It is free and there are no adds. How do they make it. It also works very well. 
Today we have more sunshine and less wind. More fun on the bikes.

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andytrailfettler said...

Hi Don,
Lovely to read your blog while you're out in Mallorca so we know what you're up to before heading onto us. We too have just seen and spoke to your sweetheart and although we don't have a camera, I was waving and trying to grab the cat to show Kathy! D'oh! However its put a massive smile on our faces.
V jealous of Ione's ice cream!
See you soon, keep enjoying yourself.
Lots of love Ros (and Andy) xxx