Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Most of us come to Mallorca for some warm weather and great roads. Europeans don't understand that in most of the US we don't have small winding perfect cycling roads. That is why I come to Mallorca. In the spring it is usually pretty dry and the roads rule. The Government of Mallorca has gone to a lot of trouble to make cyclists welcome. They have gone out and paved some old farm tracks and then marked them so we can get from village to village without using the major highways. It takes some work to find the correct path but once you learn a few tricks it is quite easy. You can see in the one photo we have stopped to make sure we haven't gone wrong. It was raining and a couple of us were quite tired. We didn't go wrong and got back to town in time for some late lunch. Yes we were wet but it was close to 60 degrees so we were not cold.
Food is the other good thing about Europe. They take it more seriously than we do in the States. A simple sandwich becomes a work of art over here. They always use bread baked the same day, jamon serrano, (spanish ham), and olive oil. We also had some papas fritas (they look like french fries). They taste completely different. Again they use olive oil to fry the potatoes. What a difference. They also use fresh potatoes. There are lots of good reasons we like to ride over here, those are just a couple. 
So even though it has been wet we have still had a great time. Time to go to the market and get ready for a late morning ride.

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annie said...

hi Don! This is Annie, Patsy and Gary's daughter. My mom sent me the link to your blog, and I just want to let you know it's great! So nice to be able to follow your adventures (I must contain my jealousy), complete with photos of my parents, and you are so prompt with the updates... Gotta love the technology. Send my best to the group.