Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We got to Mallorca Sunday around 8 PM. Travel always takes forever. As you can see from my photo below we lived the life of Riley on the way over. Barb, Lew and I decided to splurge and use a few more frequent miles and fly Business class. It made the trip easy for sure. I slept about 7 hours on the flight, had two gourmet meals and turned down countless glasses of wine. When we got to Frankfurt we were allowed into the Business Class lounge and I even had a shower. How cool was that. Lew would not have been able to come (broken leg) if we had been in economy. It still wasn't comfortable but it was doable. 
Two of our bikes were late but they showed up in the morning in time for the first ride. Patsy, Gary, Leila, Barb, Linda, Paul and I did one of my favorite loops. The small person below is Patsy going quite well up to Lluc. This is an 8 Km climb at about 5 % with lots of switchbacks. It feels like a Euro climb without all the hard work. We then rolled into Pollensa and had a terrific lunch with cafes and chocalates all around. A perfect first day. 
When we got back to the hotel the Scots had arrived. Ione, who is almost 3 brought her Skut with her. She was busy showing off her skills on the ramp in the hotel. She will be an awesome mountain bike rider. 
Today (Tuesday) started of cloudy which turned to rain by afternoon . Yes we got quite wet but it wasn't cold. 50 miles and around 3 hours later we were back at the hotel trying to wash and dry everything. Tired but happy I would say.
The forecast tomorrow is for some rain and wind so who knows what we will do. Dry it will be some mountains, wet, more cafe and flat windy roads. See you around and take care.

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