Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here are two photos from my life in that last two weeks. The on on the leftt is the River Tweed in Scotland. The one on the rightis me with the Deschutes River behind me. The weather was about the same both days, 40s, breezy, with partial cloud cover. I loved them both. I live in Bend for a few reasons, but like many I moved here because I love to be outdoors and here there is no excuse for not being outdoors. I also like to travel, but the places I am attracted to seem to be like Bend. Forests, but with the open wide spaces near by. I was born in the wheat fields of Montana so the Big Sky is in my blood. Scotland is like that. Forested land surrounded by big open fields of heather. My friends will laugh when I say I don't really have much love of water. It is good to drink but I really don't swim or play in the water. The Ocean doesn't have that pull for me that it has for many, lakes don't mean much to me either. I do like a good River though. Not to swim in but to be near. Hiking or riding on a river trail is what I like. I like going up and down on the trail while the river just rolls along towards the ocean. 
You may notice in the photos that the River Tweed and the Deschutes River are quite different. One has a castle the other wilderness, one has hard woods, the other pine trees. The feel is the same for me. Nothing like a good outing along a river somewhere in the woods. 

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